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  • BOSS051 Junior Survival Backpack

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         Designed for youngsters 11 and under, each pack weighs 20 pounds or less and has comfortable fully adjustable shoulder straps, along with a chest strap to keep pack stable.  300-500D nylon pack is waterproof and has a lifetime warranty. We offer ballistic 3A protection as an add-on option.  Each pack contains:

    • Sleeping bag, TACT Bivvy by Survival Frog, mylar blanket
    • Tactical flashlight, cap light, 3 6" Safety Lightsticks
    • Lifestraw water purifier bottle (filters up to 4000L of water; effective in bacteria and protozoa removal from drinking water)
    • Stainless steel cup with folding heat-proof handles, canteen, eating tool
    • Hand-cranked radio, survival whistle and bracelet, 25' of 550 paracord
    • Insect repellent, 10 Wet Ones, 10 Bandage strips, antibiotic cream, 5 alcohol pads
    • Food: approx. 4000 calories consisting of nutrition bars, ready-to-eat meals, freeze-dried meals, and 400 calorie MayDay bars