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  • BOSS151 Adventure Bag 3 to 5 Day Pack

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         The perfect 3 to 5 day pack, fully loaded with the supplies you may need to get you through tough times.  Each bag has 4 to 7 compartments and is hydration-ready, which means it has an outside compartment for a water bladder.  Composed of 500-600D ripstop waterproof nylon, it has many MOLLE attachments for tools, canteens, etc.  Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps allow for a unique fit.  The bag is rated a Better Bag, and all contents are better or high quality items.  Contents:

    Water/Food--canteen, mini Sawyer Squeeze, Pocket Stove,  Stainless Steel Cup, Eating Tool with caribiner, spice jar, packaged ready to eat food, and energy bars.

    Tools/Fire--Trenching Tool, knife sharpener, can opener, multi-tool, 25' 550 paracord, survival bracelet, tinder, waterproof matches, Live Fire fire starter, 3 6" safety light sticks, whistle/compass/matches, emergency candles, cap light, and flashlight.

    Specialty Items--Israeli gas mask, First Aid Kit, Insect Repellent, Binoculars, SOS emergency kit, TACT Bivvy (thicker than mylar), and Emergency Radio